Main areas

System programming

  • POSIX/Linux
  • Glue logic and system services
  • Operating system
  • automatic system tests

In short, we take care of everything you need to work with the board support package to be able to do something - so you can fully concentrate on your actual competence areas.

App development for Android

"Apps" are fast becoming an indispensable part of our lives, with Android being more and more common. If you need to "go Android" too, you are at the right place! We develop the suitable app for your problem. We set demanding standards for ourselves: It must be good enough, that we would use it ourselves, every day.

We are experienced in..

  • Software development in C(++) and Python for embedded systems and PC class systems (ARM, x86/amd64, PowerPC, System Z)
  • POSIX/Linux systems programming
  • software development for microcontrollers (AVR) in C
  • Linux and FreeBSD system administration
  • automated system tests
  • git (extensive rebases, plumbing layer), Xapian
  • Debian and others, Yocto
  • Web development – HTML, CSS, JavaScript