Main areas

Systems programming

  • POSIX/Linux
  • Glue logic and system services
  • Operating system
  • Automated system tests

In short, we take care of everything you need to work with the board support package to be able to do something - so you can fully concentrate on your actual competence areas.


Challenges that involve multiple layers (from hardware up to the application) play specifically to the strengths of owner Sascha Silbe: As a computer scientist with substantial background knowledge gained from many years of experience ranging from circuit design to GUI programming he can narrow down on the relevant details quickly and solve problems within days that others had not been able to sort out for weeks.

We are experienced in…

  • Software development in C(++) and Python for embedded systems and PC class systems (ARM, x86/amd64, PowerPC, System Z)
  • POSIX/Linux systems programming
  • software development for microcontrollers (AVR) in C
  • Linux and FreeBSD system administration
  • automated system tests
  • git (extensive rebases, plumbing layer), Xapian
  • Debian and others, Yocto
  • Web development – HTML, CSS, JavaScript